Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tetsuo - WUSB Riptide Tape

Some people have accused me of being a bit anal, a tad obsessive compulsive.  They'd be right.  I simply need to make sure we close up all the loops, and when I've done a post on a band and there's music out there that hasn't been included, I'm bothered by it.  It's just the collector's habit that I have.  Everything must be complete.

With that being said, here is the second half to the TETSUO post from a few weeks ago.  This download is for the WUSB Riptide split that they did with Bor.  Some of the track names are definitely seem incorrect to me as the songs don't match up with the ones on the split 7".  As I don't know the proper names of the other songs, we're just going to go by what was on the tape.

Thanks to Nick for getting me this recording!

Here is the download:
WUSB Riptide Live Recording -


  1. No fucking way!!
    Nice find.
    I would love to hear the Bor side of this. They actually were a great band by this point (or so I recall, who knows now). I will try to correct the track listing if any one else gives a shit, but I highly doubt I will remember any of this shit.

  2. Every one of those tapes had messed up titles. No idea why. Must have been lost in translation when the band did the set. Great post

  3. i love this fucking tape have no idea where my copy is this is great!