Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The 52X

I had posted these tracks on mediafire for a friend and I figured that seeing as they are up there I should do a post on THE 52X.  The thing is, outside knowing that The 52X were the band that was often responsible for shows being shutdown or often being kicked off of them (in fact, I believe that they were banned from playing ABC No Rio) and singer Ruben Cano going on to the band Dynasty, I can't offer much.  I remember hearing their 7" with Milhouse and just thinking "WOW - what in the hell is this?"  Hearing the music now, I think I still have the same reaction!  It's wild and chaotic, noisy and heavy.

I yanked the following from Chris Tzompanakis from One Day Savior/Sky Came Falling's blog here.  I'm not sure if he is back to posting on his blog at  http://blog.lifeofaspectator.net/, but all of the links for the music there are dead.  Links for the split with Milhouse and the Liver Damage EP are at the bottom of this post.  Here was Chris's write-up on the 52X:

I don’t think Long Island had a more infamous band than the 52X. In the late 1990′s they were a band that everyone loved to hate and yet everyone somehow hated to admit that they loved, but looking back there will never be another band quite like the 52X. Drummer Joe Gorelick even described his former band as “a crazy, noise core quintet with insane time changes and very odd song titles. That band was very much fun to play in, but comprised of the most insane personalities a band could muster.”

To put it bluntly, the 52X became the band that promoters didn’t want on the show yet all the kids did. Basically, it was assumed that if they played the show would inevitably get shut down. From blowing snot rockets on the audience, breaking equipment, smashing the lights out, members getting naked, the 52x were as intense as their music made them sound. However it was not their live show that would make the 52x a hardcore household name, it be a song title that would earn them their reputation. Vocalist Ruben simply stated that he hoped a certain female’s genitalia would explode and it prompted a boycott from just about every female rights group associated with the hardcore scene. It brought the 52x to the frontline of confrontation, a spot that they would fill proudly until their demise.

Similar to bands like Angel Hair, Heroin and CR, the 52x were controlled chaos to some degree. Hints of rock n roll could be noted throughout their songs, while discordant guitars loosely played over frantic percussion. Vocalist Ruben’s high pitched screams and melodic yell seemed to tie it all together, a sound that didn’t seem like it made sense at all, yet somehow it did. Songs that built up such aggression, madness, paranoia that by the time you realized just what was happening, it was all over.

Though the band existed for several years, their discography is just about as short as their sets were. They would release a split 7″ on Reservoir Records with Milhouse (a band was almost as notorious as the 52x were) and go on to record an ep titled “Liver Damage” that while scheduled to be released on Reservoir, never actually did make it to press. There are countless stories surrounding the reasons why it was never made available, but none which I could ever quote as being credible. While I have also heard that other labels and individuals would attempt to buy the rights to the album over the years, the possible release of the album would circulate around the Long Island rumor mill for years on end. the “Liver Damage” ep (or lack there of) was the perfect ending for a band who throughout their existence was shrouded by mystery and drama.

Members would go on to form the much more rock influenced Dynasty, who were just as controversial, and release (though I have never actually seen a copy) their debut ep on the label The Omega. Members would resurface in other projects over the years such as the Hope Collapse, but none would leave their mark like the 52x had.

Split with Milhouse and Liver Damage EP: http://www.mediafire.com/?3c6trwbbwkqkvq2

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  1. Hey man, any chance of re-upping the Liver Damage ep? Didn't even know someone had put it out/ripped it from tape/whatever! Waned to hear it for the longest time.