Friday, January 28, 2011

516 - A Long Island Hardcore Compilation

Going a bit comp crazy today.  This is due to these comps strangely not being available elsewhere online, and more importantly because I don't have much to say and therefore it makes posting them a bit less time-intensive.

The first one today is the fairly well-known "516" comp which harkens back to a time when we only had one area code for all of Nassau and Suffolk.  The 2 disc set was released on "None of the Above" records which was basically a cool record store in Centereach that sold a lot of hardcore and punk stuff.  I believe that the guys that ran None of the Above were Tom and Brett - and I'm pretty sure that the latter of the two also mastered the first Satellite Lost CD too.  I believe that Tom passed away around 2002 and the store and label shut down.  I know that as a label None of the Above also released one of Tension*'s CDs and the first Kill Your Idols 12".

I think everyone had this comp back in the day.  It's got early tracks from Glassjaw, Motive, Cleanser, Splinterface, Reach, and stuff we've covered in posts from Inside and Silent Majority.  I don't remember a good deal of these bands, so if anyone has other stuff from any of them - please let me know.

Track Listing:

Disc 1
Betrayed - Voices
Betrayed - Setup
Cleanser - Transfuse
Cleanser - Questions
EBD - Welcome to Suburbia
EBD - Desensitized
Glassjaw - Faust
Glassjaw - Pravado
Headkase - Slippin Away
Headkase - We Don't Care (Boner's Song)
Inside - Absence
Inside - Radio Flyer
Justice Unknown - Smash Depression
Justice Unknown - Rejected
Leech Implant - Leech Implant
Leech Implant
Man Down Alone - Separate and Waste
Man Down Alone - Emotions Past
Motive - First Quarter
Motive - Borders
Outrage - It All Ends
Outrage - Flashback

Disc 2
Putdown - Rapids of Addiction
Putdown - No Way Out 
Reach - Waiting
Reach - Plant A Seed
Retribution - Lower Class Citizen
Retribution - Kicked To The Curb
Silent Majority - Expectations
SOE - Day It Stood Still
SOE - Briefcase
Splinterface - Amends
Splinterface - Mindslave 
Sub DK - Hardcore Underground
Sub DK - Burnt Freedom 
Tension* - See You In Hell
Tension* - Waste of Time
Thirty08 - Dejected
Thirty08 - Never Used To Be 
Neglect - Mind Games 
Neglect - Good For Nothing 

516 - A Long Island Hardcore Compilation


  1. Its a pretty decent snapshot of the bands during that era. I ended picking up the full-lengths from Motive, Outrage, Justice Unknown, Cleanser, Tension, and the Neglect discography after hearing this disc. I actually have a unreleased Retribution discography - my cousin was the lead singer. He busts it out every now and then to "re-live the glory."

  2. Motive - First Quarter, hell of a song. wasn't there a Motive/Glassjaw split too?

  3. Justice Unknown was the "scary tough guy" band when I was going to Rocky Point High School in the '90s. I remember seeing them with a band called Short Order at the Shoreham Rec Center, a table got broken or something. Ohhhhh the old days.

    1. I think Man Down Alone played that as well... Short Order was short lived!

  4. David - There was no Motive/Glassjaw split. In fact neither band ever recorded a split record....You know what haha damnit, as I was typing this out I said to myself, "wait wasn't there a live split tape done at NYU?" I just yanked all my tapes and found it. You are correct! Motive and Glassjaw were both recorded at an NYU show and they released a split tape of that show. Good call David!

  5. Alternate 1995, could you rip your Glassjaw/Motive split tape to MP3 and upload somewhere, please? I think a million GJ fans and hardcore scenesters would say THANK YOU :) Cheers from Siberia!

  6. What was the other Long Island hardcore compilation with wrath of humanity, still life, diabolus, Rabid Armadillos etc ?

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    3. That was called "4172 LIHC compilation"

  7. Damn i sang for Putdown from 1988 until 1997---We had a great run playing with Life of Agony, Breakdown,SFA, Mind Over Matter, Yuppicide ,Our Friends in Neglect,Disciplinary Action, Sheer Terror, Silent Majority,Sam Black Church and so many great others...We enjoyed the scene back then being a band from Smithtown. We gave it everything!!! You either loved us or hated is but wouldn't trade it for anything. Got some Early demos and Putdown and Neglect Live from New Jersey around 1992-1993.

  8. If anyone has Man Down Alone demo tape or Electronic copy I would greatly appreciate it. As well as Sub-Dk Demo (First Report). Contact me at