Friday, January 14, 2011

Cathode Ray

Cathode Ray was a band that briefly existed post Science Diet in 1995 to 1997.  They played what would probably be considered emo at the time, similar to The Farckus Affair and Jawbreaker.

The band included Chris Donohue of Science Diet on Vocals and Guitar, Brian Maryansky on Guitar (who also played in Jets To Brazil and The Van Pelt), Sean Greene on Bass (also played in The Van Pelt), and Glenn Maryansky on Drums.

This demo was recorded in one take live in NYU studio in 97.  I don't think it was ever released.  Chris Donohue had told me that there were 5 tracks, but there only seem to be 4.  There is virtually no information on the band and I swiped the photo from some guy's personal flickr site.  I know that they did a tour with Texas Is the Reason prior to this recording. 
Brian and Sean went on the Van Pelt.  Chris went on to form Dawn in Bathos, Antarctica and Ovan Looven after this,  Glenn also played in Antarctica, Blacklist, and live shows for Ova Looven.

Thanks to Chris Donohue for the info and the music

NYU Demo -

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