Sunday, January 16, 2011

Edgar - Lost Tracks

And also taking up from that same post on Tetsuo, Elliot checks in with more on Edgar:

I'm right there with Jason's anal-ness when it comes to documenting music, so to follow up on his Tetsuo update, I have a little Edgar nugget for all of you.

According to John English, sometime in mid 1995, Edgar recorded 2 songs at LOHO Studio in New York City, The original dat tapes were stolen from the guy who recorded them at LOHO, but the band kept a tape for themselves and thanks to John who recently converted and slightly touched them up, here they are. These songs were supposed to be on a compilation that never came up, but allegedly a friend of the band saw one at a show at some point, but the facts on that story are slim.

"Voices" and "Her Romance" -

PS - This is unreleased Edgar material


  1. Yes!

    Also- did you NOT read my comment in the below Edgar post?!??!?

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  3. josh - yes, no doubt that you can spot a lawyer like no one else around, man.

  4. You dick, the part about the unreleased Edgar tracks.