Friday, January 28, 2011

It Certainly Was A Grand Piano Compilation

This next comp is kind of an oddball choice.  I also thought I had lost or given away my copy until realizing I had ripped it to MP3 - but instead of the artists coming up individually they all are filed under the album title.  Note to labels everywhere - don't do that.  That's really annoying.

This comp is made up of several Long Island bands, but also contains a bunch of Jersey bands and who knows what else.  It was kind of interesting that there were a couple a fairly big names at the time like Piebald, The Anniversary and A New Found Glory who contributed to the comp.  From the LI side of things you get indie rock from Knox Overstreet and OTMOP, good pop punk from 48 in the Basement, Whoopie Cushion and Fair Warning and the wacky wackiness of Space Robot Scientists.  I think Lark was an LI band as well. 

I don't think that Abominable Records released much else besides this comp and the Knox Overstreet 7".  For some reason I thought that there may have been a Flight of the Navigator or HelicopterEjectionSeat release as well.  I clearly remember buying this comp, mainly for the Knox Overstreet song, from Nick who ran Abominable at a show I set up that had With Every Idle Hour, The Cotton Weary, Radio 4, The Waiting Process, Breaking Pangaea and Knox Overstreet.  I recall Nick wearing a Nintendo Power Glove the entire time for reasons unbeknownst to me.

You can still purchase copies of this from Rok Lok's distro here:

1 Mr. Miyamoto -Enemy Quaid
2 Piebald -If Marcus Garvey Dies, Then Marcus Garvey Lives
3. Fair Warning -Sometimes 
4. A New Found Glory -Third And Long 
5. Knox Overstreet -I Shot The Clerk 
6. Hometown Hero -Charlie 
7. On The Might Of Princes -As Long As She Doesn't Smoke 
8. Keepsake -Sweet White Lies
9. Mr. Miyamoto -Why Did You Paint My Ass Blue 
10. Cooter -Missing The Innocence 
11. Whoopie Cushion -Emilie
12. Lark -We're No Miracle 
13. Saturday Supercade -Long Gone 
14. Space Robot Scientists -My Control 
15. Verdicts -No One Cares 
16. River City High -Anybody, Anywhere 
17. Life Of Riley -Fuck Your Politics
18. The Anniversary -Low Tide And Hospital Bed 
19. Fletcher -My Least Favorite Mistake
20. Good Clean Fun -On The Streets
21. 48 In The Basement -Carol! "Carol" Carol?
22. Penfold -I'll Take You Everywhere

It Certainly Was Grand Piano Compilation


  1. i played guitar and sang in Fair Warning. its awesome to see you write about this comp! We recorded this track just for this comp.. such a random piece of history.. with some fucking awesome bands on it too! this was really a good one.. and look at us, track 3.. right between Piebald and New Found Glory! we were longisland poppunk heros back then! i hit my highwater mark over ten years ago.. haha nothing will ever top the Fair Warning days.... ohwell!

    on a side note, many many years later, i ended up playing guitar in Keepsake... i never even realized they were on this comp.. worlds collide.. crazy. =)

    thanks for writing about this lovely memory from the past.

  2. Could you please reup this ? I really want to hear the track Charlie! !