Monday, October 18, 2010

Tin River Junction

Similar to the last post, I have virtually no information about Tin River Junction.  They were a band from Smithtown that existed in the early 90's and played clanging, melodic songs that I could best describe as sharing a similarity to Sebadoh.  I have even less music available by them, despite the fact that they had a fair amount of releases... many on TAPE.  Half of the people reading are trying to recollect what a tape actually is, the other half are feeling really old.

After Tin River Junction, two of the members for the project devL.

This is just a taste of what Tin River Junction were doing.  This is from a 7" on Behemoth records and it is just the A-Side

TIN RIVER JUNCTION - Drunk in San Fran

Here is Tin River Junction's Discography which I pulled from the very much dead website of Behemoth Records.  Provided any of this stuff comes my way, I'll certainly post it up.

"Peyote"cassette (self-released)
"Racer 6" cassette (self-released)
"Build" b/w "Loon" seven inch single on FIFTH DIMENSION RECORDS (#001)
"Drunk in San Fran" B/W "Lackluster" seven inch single on BEHEMOTH SOUND RECORDINGS (BS011)
"Zephyr" cassette (self-released)
"Did U Know I'm Blind" Innovations in Music Volume 1 double seven inch Compilation on BEHEMOTH SOUND RECORDINGS (BS012) - First 100 on white vinyl
"Sleep, not start" Comp Shmomp two CD Compilation on RED ROOM RECORDS (ROOC 2)
 There was also an unfinished CD that was supposed to be released on Behemoth records as well.

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