Friday, October 8, 2010

All Grown Up

From a totally different angle, this post brings a band that is still very-much active.

All Grown Up has been around in some incarnation since 2000.  But for some reason their recorded output doesn't quite equate to the length that the band has been around.  It's unfortunate that there isn't more to post, but gigantic 7 foot tall frontman Sean Corrigan has told me that the band "just likes to take their time."

Circle the Sun played our last show with AGU opening.  I had only half-listened to some tracks on myspace and I was prepared for them to play some pretty average pop-punk.  All Grown Up set up and then blew my face off with a set of awesome melodic hardcore very much in the vein of Long Islanders Silent Majority and Latterman but added in some spacey, rippin' guitar parts and vocal harmonies too.  I was really surprised and impressed.  Sean Corrigan's (no relation to Tommy) voice definitely has a similar vibe to stuff like Silent Majority and Grey Area, but there's a lot of other interesting elements so if you don't quite dig hardcore you can still get into the music.

I would up talking to Sean for awhile that night about all sorts of bands and wound up with a crick in my neck from having to look up that high.  Next time I see that guy, I'm bringing a ladder.

The band also features Tommy Fasano on drums, Taylor Brown on Bass and Chris Gey on guitars.  The band's got a great DIY philosophy too.  They record their stuff and then post it on myspace or mediafire and if you dig it, you can download it.  No CDs to buy, no profiteering.  Using the internet to be punk.  Go figure.

As I said they don't have too much recorded, but I've uploaded everything that I have.  (Credit to Sean Corrigan for hooking it up).  Included are the two demos "Kinda Sorta Not Really" from 2007 and the 2008 "Demotapes and Demographics" as well as a few new tracks that they are working on for their next release.

Find out more about these guys here:

And then download the rock.

ALL GROWN UP: "Kinda Sorta Not Really", "Demotapes & Demographics" + More

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