Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Science Diet

This is a band that in all honesty, I never had an opportunity to see live.  They were active mainly while I was in high school and I was well into the alternative-grunge thing.  I didn't seek out Science Diet until I started getting into indie stuff, specifically Antarctica one of singer Chris Donohue's bands after this.

Science Diet existed from 1991 to 1995 (or 1996).  They played an abrasive style that had hints of Jawbreaker and Rites of Spring, but unlike their contemporaries like Garden Variety, they were certain traits that could be traced back to The Cure and Joy Division.  It made for a really interesting mix.

They released a demo in 1993, followed by the 7" "Afterlife on Motherbox Records in 1995.   Later that year they released the full-length "Thru The Igloo" on Behemoth Sound Records which was recorded by Geoff Turner of Grey Matter.  The album features a pretty cool take on The Cure song "A Forest."

Chris Donohue provided vocals and guitar and Jerry Carbone on Drums.  They had a rotating lineup of other people involved as Craig Guerin played Bass on the Demo and 7", but Steve O'Brien from Crown of Thorns played on Thru The Igloo. Mike Kennedy of the Warped Weeble Wobbles took over afterwards.  They also added Eric Svirida who would go on to The Last Crime on  Guitar for live shows, and he also played bass on the song Coo Gan from a Behemoth compilation. Steven Depalo (Of Farckus Affair and later of Last Crime) also played guitar at live shows.

I eventually became friends with Chris Donohue and my thanks to him for providing me not only with this post's downloads, but with the comprehensive review of their changing lineup.

This download is for the "Thru The Igloo" CD and the song "Coo Gan" from the Behemoth Records Comp.

SCIENCE DIET - "Thru The Igloo" and "Coo Gan"

You can find an unreleased rehearsal recording as well as "Phase Two" from the 7" on their Myspace here, hopefully I can get copies of this up here eventually:

You can purchase a copy of the 7" from Motherbox here:

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