Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Solidarity Pact

The Solidarity Pact was a punk band somewhat akin to Latterman and Contra in their sound.  Strong melodic punk.  Part of that was probably because they shared members with those bands.

Thanks to Mike Andirani for the edit here, as my facts were a bit off on the lineup:

The original line up was:
Jon Berg -vocals
Jeff Cunningham -guitar/vocals
Pat Schramm - drums
Ryan aka Baby Rye Rye- bass (Ryan plays in Kith & Kin)

Which then changed to:

Jon Berg-vocals
Jeff Cunningham-guitar/vocals
Pat Schramm- drums
Matt Canino-bass
Brian Crozier- guitar (Brian previously played in High School Football Heroes but has also played Bottle Rocket, Latterman, and most recently Little Lungs)

then the last incarnation of the band was:

Jon Berg-vocals
Jeff Cunningham-guitar/vocals
Pat Schramm- drums
Brian Crozier- guitar
Phil Douglas-bass

Jon Berg is probably better known as Jon Contra.  Pat Schramm was in Latterman and started Slingshot Dakota with Jeff, and both are now in Bridge & Tunnel. Phil Douglas and Matt Canino were in Latterman as well.

The band released the album "Concrete Don't Give a Fuck" on Burn it Down Rebuild Records in 2004.  The label is no longer active.  The song titles also show that the band had a really bizarre obsession with Robin Williams movies.  Surprisingly there is no song called "The Birdcage."

Here's the album as well as a quick video from youtube as well.

THE SOLIDARITY PACT - Concrete Don't Give a Fuck

The band's myspace can be found here:

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