Friday, October 8, 2010

The Fall Drive

So, I have a soft spot for obscurity.  Hell, that's probably why this blog exists.  The more unknown the band, the more I want to have it cataloged, because someone... somewhere... may recall that band and wants to hear them again.

That may be the case with The Fall Drive.  The seemed to exist for an extremely short period during 2000.  They were based out of West Hempstead and made up of Scott Rondinelli on Guitar, Dave Sperber on drums and I have no idea who played bass.  Dave was in the NY screamo band Closure while he attended NYU and last I heard, he was playing with some band in L.A.  Scott went onto to do various projects such as Missing Movement and Displaced Persons.  They  played two shows with The Cotton Weary (one was at Ground Zero with WCF and The Salingers, and one at a beach in Smithtown with This Years Model, Taking Back Sunday and Breaking Pangaea.)   They must have played at least one other show, but they disappeared pretty quickly.

It's kind of a shame as well, as they had some potential.  The vocals are a little off here and there, but with a lot of 90's era emo, it kind of went with the style.  If you are into Sunny Day, Mineral, Boy's Life and pretty much everything that Crank! Records was doing... you'll dig it.

The Fall Drive - Demo

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