Friday, October 8, 2010

The Future Engine

Continuing along with the last post's theme, this was also a pretty short lived band.  I don't know much about them.  I saw them play one time at The Courthouse East in Massapequa in 2003.  I really dug what they were doing.  It's spacey and shoe-gazey.  There's even a cover of My Bloody Valentine's "Come in Alone" on the demo.

For some reason I thought Jon Cox was in the band, but I was recently corrected that it was actually Greg Kubacki on guitar who had previously been in Earth.ling Massive and replaced Jon.  I remember asking Greg if Future Engine wanted to play a show and he had told me that the band was on an indefinite hiatus since he had thrown out his back.  You know you are beginning to get old when your back interferes with your rocking.  I would know.   Months later, I was at a Cave-In show at the Downtown and someone handed me this CD but I'm pretty sure the band had ceased to be at that time.

I can't remember much more and their myspace doesn't provide much more info either:

In any case, if you like My Bloody Valentine and Radiohead, this is a swell 5-song trip.

The Future Engine - Self-Titled Demo

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