Saturday, December 18, 2010

Three Years Older

Normally I wouldn't put up such a half-assed write-up of a band.  But despite Three Years Older's fair amount of longevity, their extensive member changes (most of which I probably couldn't give an accurate frame of reference for) make if difficult to provide an overall picture of the band.

With that said, Three Years Older was formed by former No Thought and Clockwise frontman General George Fullan somewhere around 2001.  I remember this because Clockwise had dissolved in 1997 and being that George was a pretty good singer with great stage presence I had always wondered why he didn't form another band straight-away.  When the cotton weary (my band at the time) were recording with George at Pie Studios I had asked him and he said nonchalantly "Well, I've got a new band now.  I was just waiting for the right time."  He went on to give me a run down of the band and how each guy in the band was 3 years Older than the next, ranging from 18 to 27.  I think that the youngest guy was previously a guitar player in the band Neck, and George was the eldest at 27.  Rick Haas, who previously was in the punk band S.A.D. was the next to oldest at 24.  And really... that's all I can tell you about the lineup.  I remember them playing their first show on George's 28th birthday and I think it was On the Might of Princes had their record release for "Where You Are and Where You Want to Be" that night too.  I could be totally wrong about that, but I do remember buying the CD at that show.  I think The Quick Fix and Taking Back Sunday played that night as well.  That may have been the only time they had that original lineup, it kept changing and eventually the whole 3 years older concept got tossed right out the window with those constant member shifts.

The main guys in the band were always General George and Rick Haas.  I know that Joe Canetti played drums for awhile and he may have been preceded or come after Ryan Mahon of Satellite Lost/Gracer filling in for a bit,  a dude named Todd played Bass at some point,  and Rick Michaels previously of End of World Smile eventually joined on guitar.

But that's not really why we're here.  We're here for the music.   Three Years Older played melodic hardcore in the LI style, but with touches of The Refused and Avail.  It's definitely a bit more caustic than Clockwise was.  George would always really get into it and I remember several shows where he would bust his forehead open with the microphone.  It was visceral and and even a little disturbing, which was the intention.  George is a handsome lad, but there he was re-enacting the office scene of Fight Club at every other show. 

George was a full-time studio producer while doing Three Years Older, and his continual workflow may have contributed to a lack of output of their music. I think that there were two demos that they produced and I had heard that they had recorded a full length, but I have not been able to track it down.

Their Myspace has not been updated since 2006, but I do recall them playing shows here and there until at least 2007.

This download is for the band's first demo which features guest vocals from Mike Mallamo of Inside on the last track.


Three Years Older Myspace:

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