Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Quick Fix (kills)

The Quick Fix Kills, originally known as just The Quick Fix before some other band threatened them with some legal action, was a band born on LI but eventually relocated to Jersey City.  The band was formed in 2000 as a 4-piece with Dave O'Connell (formerly of The Movielife) on guitar, Chris Klein (of Godot on Bass), Rich Thrush on Guitar and Luke Boyle on drums.  I remember their first few shows with Rich and Dave doing some shouted vocals before getting Mark Moody as vocalist.  My memory may be crumbling bit by bit, but I remember their first show being Taking Back Sunday's release show for their first CD... not the Victory one, but that other one. 

The band played a style which was not typical for Long Island.  It was discordant and angular and definitely drew influences from the seminal Drive Like Jehu, as well as Lungfish, Fugazi and Jesus Lizard.  I really dug these guys.  I have to admit, I did prefer the shouted vocals of Rich and Dave prior to Moody joining the band as it reminded me of The Last Crime.  I can't deny though that Mark definitely brought a bit more actual singing and an overall stage presence to the group.

They released a 4 song EP called "Novel Weapons" on the Ernest Jennings Recording label in 2002 and then a full length a year later on My Pal God records called "Saint Something."

Aubrey Arago eventually replaced Luke Boyle on drums at some point in 2004 and they broke up shortly afterward.  They had posted some talk of a reunion show, but I'm unsure if that ever came to pass.  Dave O'Connell and Chris Klein formed The Special Moves, I'm not sure what became of the other members.  The last show I remember seeing them play was in the basement of some NYC club in Hell's Kitchen at some point in the summer of 2003 with Heston Rifle and Bravado, in what turned out to be the latter's last show.

This download is for both of their releases.  Many thanks to Mike Satzinger and Chris Klein for providing some of the music here.

THE QUICK FIX KILLS - "Novel Weapons" & "Saint Something"

Their old website (which hasn't been updated since 2004) can be found here: http://www.angelfire.com/indie/tqfk/index.html
Their myspace is here: www.myspace.com/thequickfixkills

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