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The following post was submitted by fellow blogger and LI'er Elliot Fox of Sunny Day Entertainment.  Over at his site you can find posts on all form of pop-culture including music, mixtapes and more.  He may be posting here on occasion provided he has time.  I also want to reiterate that the offer for others to post goes out to all.  When I started this blog I did it with hopes of a spirit of community, much like the scene we grew up in.  If you have music and memories of a band to share, then get in touch.

Now on to Elliot's recollection of Closure:

Closure was a short lived hardcore band hailing from Oceanside, NY. The band took hold in the suburban basement of drummer Dave and bassist Mark Spelbur's parents house. Besides the Spelbur's, other band members included Mike Treff and Adam Gutwein on guitar and the aggressive and driving vocals of Trevor Perry.

These guys were intense live, I remember seeing a show, i believe it was the Oceanside Knights of Columbus, where 2 days prior Trevor had his wisdom teeth removed, he was screaming and bleeding from his mouth, it was epic. Their sound is aggressive, emotional, punch you in the face hardcore/screamo, but still melodic with complex guitar riffs, soft parts into explosive, dramatic harsh screaming parts.
Dave is an extremely talented drummer and went on to become a member of a few other bands including The Fall Drive, Token Embrace and The Color Bars. Mike went on to run Tiger Style Records, now owned and operated by Insound, which was responsible for putting out records from bands like Tristeza, The Mercury Program, Ida and more. Mark went on to get his MBA, Adam to become a Dentist in Miami and I have not been able to find any trace of Trevor.

Closure released a split 7" with the Canadian hardcore band Breakwater in 1996 and In the Summer of 1997, they released their self-titled LP on CD and Vinyl with Mountain Records

Click the following links for those releases:
Closure/Breakwater 7":
Closure - S/T :

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