Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcome to New York, Now Go Home

Alright, normally I don't do this.  I have a kinda-sorta system.  I usually will not bump something to the front of the line and do a post on it if I literally JUST received it and have not even listened to it yet.  But, hey it's Festivus and whatever holiday you may be celebrating this week, YOU deserve a gift.  And many thanks to Dan DeLuca who asked me if I knew anything about this comp last week, and sent me a copy of this (as well as the 4172) comp in record time.  He is my own personal Santa Claus, and I don't mean that in any weird dirty way either.

This post is for a little-heard comp called Welcome to New York, Now Go Home.   While I don't know much about it boasts a ton of great LI bands including some songs that are exclusive to this collection.  I remember reading on The Judas Iscariot's facebook page that whoever was putting out the comp booked two days in a studio and had every band come in for 1 single hour and bang out their song, leave and then the next band would come in. So I would imagine everything was done live. I can't say for certain how legit the story is though. Apparently though, Bittersweet Records who put out the CD only did a small print run for this release.  This is the only release I know of from that label as well.

I'm pretty sure most of those songs are exclusive to the comp. "Soft Six" from Silent Majority did show up later on the "Based on a True Story" compilation disc they put out and "Mother Jokes" from Milhouse was on a split with 52X and the Wreckage/Exit comp. The Judas Iscariot songs also showed up on a separate comp as well. Indecision re-recorded "Purgatory" for Unorthodox, and SFA probably did the same for "Nothing in the Dark".  But really, who cares?  There's stuff I never heard before from THE LAST CRIME, IRONY OF LIGHTFOOT, KYI and Pacifier (!!).  I swear I'm spazzing out like Ralphie getting his red rider BB gun right now.


Here's the Track Listing:
1) Irony of Lightfoot - "Five Inches of Consolement"
2) Kill Your Idols - "Lead Song & Ten Cents a Day"
3) Indecision - "Purgatory"
4) Judas Iscariot - "Cessation Talk & Madeleine Murray O'Hare"
5) Pacifier - "These Damn Batteries & Universal Choking Sign"
6) Silent Majority - "Soft Six"
7) Shutdown - "United"
8) Chupacabra - "Sing Nada"
9) Black Army Jacket - "Parliament of Rooks"
10) Milhouse - "Mother Jokes"
11) The Last Crime - "Everyone's a Comedian"
12) Mason - "All Passion Spent"
13) SFA - "Nothing in the Dark"

Dowload it:


  1. It's Jeff from The Judas Iscariot....the story about how this comp recorded was 100% true. It was like an assembly line - weirdest thing ever - but I have to was pretty damn efficient.