Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sidefires is very much an active band.  They were formed in 2009.  The band shares many of the same members as a band that was called Circle the Sun.  Well, except for one member.  That would be your beloved author here.

It's hard to write any sort of history about the band without somehow including myself in the narrative.  In the interest of just focusing on the band that Sidefires is, I will simplify it.  Circle the Sun ends, Justin Williams (bass and keyboards), Jason Crawford (drums) and Evan Lieberman (vocals) recruit Christopher James (formerly of Deepen the Shade, Bayonet and Spectators) to play guitar.  There you have it.

They play a spacey brand of indie rock that has elements of Codeseven, Elliott, Sunny Day Real Estate and Inside at times as well.  They recently recorded a 4-song demo which is some great stuff.  Check it out!


Find out more about the band here:

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