Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Watership Down

Watership Down is really a story of band that was a starting point.  I do not mean that to be slighting, but it's true.  Mike and Nick went on to form Knox Overstreet, the other guitar player and drummer I believe went on to Knives and Greenwater, both bands which were very different and complex than Watership Down.

Watership Down started life as Second Effort.  They were a very emo sounding band that were getting some attention in the scene around 1997 through their bass player Ed.  I had the demo which I think I bought either at a show or at Merrick Ave Music, which was a store that was open for what would probably be termed a "hot minute" now.  At some point they changed their name to Watership Down and added a bit more screaming to their mix.  They recorded this 7" that was released on Immigrant Sun records, as well as the song Time Bandit which was released on the Blood, Sweat and Tears comp.

I can't remember much more than that.  I dig the songs on this 7".  It definitely sounds like a long island emo band from the 1990's.  That's really the best way I can put it.  I will admit that as a live band, I remember seeing them a bunch of times... and always thinking they were a bit of a mess.  But they were all pretty young at the time, so let's cut them a bit of slack now. 

What's certainly an interesting portion to this recording is how Mike Catanese went on to Knox Overstreet and his vocal style changed completely.  If you liked Knox Overstreet, this may interest you just to hear such a difference. 

Watership Down - 7"


  1. "a bit of a mess"?, that's probably kind in retrospect.

  2. We were good live once! I can't remember which show it was though. Promise Ring at Lindenhurst VFW? We blew them off the stage!!!