Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blood Sweat & Tears Compilation

I decided to put this up next as it was one of my favorite compilations.  I freely admit that I was always more into emo and indie bands, so this collection of songs definitely met more with my usual musical diet.  This comp was put together by General George Fullan of Clockwise and later 3 Years Older and released on his own General Records label.  I believe that this was the label's solitary release and I'm not sure if there was more planned after this disc.  In any case, it's a great comp.  It was released in 1998 and has several of the more melodic LI bands from that period, as well as a few others from out of state.  7 of the 16 are LI bands.  I think that this may be Fall with Grace's only release which is a shame since they were doing some really interesting stuff.

I remember a release show for the comp on a Saturday at Deja 1 since it was the day after the cotton weary's first show.  I sort of remember Last Days of August, Yearly, Movielife, Zero in Trust and Saves the Day playing, but I may be wrong on the lineup.  I do remember that there was free vegan pizza from Dominoes though.  Free food at a show always equals great success.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Brody - Triology
2. Cleons Down - Intersection
3. Errortype: 11 - Further
4. Hot Water Music - Position (Demo)
5. The Movielife - Sentimental Comicbook
6. King For A Day - Hit Or Miss You
7. Bridgewater - Lost On Reed Street
8. Saves The Day - 1:19
9. Watership Down - Time Bandit
10. Zero In Trust - Toll Booth Sunrise
11. Last Days Of August - Words I Wish Were Mine
12. Yearly - This One
13. Inside - Landscaping
14. Ignite - Self-Made Man (Live)
15. Fall With Grace - Seeps Between
16. Eleven Eleven - Untitled 


  1. I agree completely, this is one of the best comps to ever come out. I would say, in my opinion, it's probably second to only the first New York's Hardest comp. But it's definitely better than the 516 comp I think. 516 had a lot of great songs, but it also had a lot of really bad songs.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I had this comp, but the last few tracks are scratched beyond repair, starting with the Yearly song which I loved. Been searching for this online for a while with zero luck.

    I recall a show tbat I think was for this comp being at the Rocklobster venue in Glen Head. I'm pretty sure that's where I picked it up. Maybe it wasn't actually the release show.

  3. Any chance for a reupload of this one? The mediafire link is dead.
    My best friend put this record out back in the day. My old band, Fair Warning, played all the shows with all these bands and it was just the best times. and this comp is AWESOME, i would love to hear these jams again (without going to my parents house and getting the cd myself haha)

    i hope you can hook it up! thanks man!