Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dawn in Bathos

Through doing this blog, I've been able to urge some of my friends to unearth music from their old bands which they may not have otherwise been as likely to dig up.  Dawn in Bathos is a case in point.

Dawn in Bathos was active during 1996-2000, and made up of Chris Donohue (ex Science Diet/Cathode Ray) on guitar, Steve DePalo on keyboard and guitar (Ex Farckus Affair/The Last Crime), Jerry Carbone (Ex Farckus Affair/Ethnic) on drums, Ed Schneider (no relation here) on keyboards, as well as Eric Svrida on Guitar and Ezra Martin and Davis Marcholi at different times on bass.

Dawn in Bathos was something of the "sister-band" to Antarctica.  I say sister-band since they were both fronted by Chris Donohue, existed concurrently and both had a sound that definitely would count The Cure and The Church as huge influences.  I've never asked Chris, but at the time I could never quite understand why someone would want to front two bands that sounded so similar.  I'm still not sure either.  At this point, I don't care since I love the music and if you've never heard Dawn in Bathos but loved the Antarctica stuff then this will be a treat.  Think of this as Antarctica without the dancey-synths and Eric Richter's voice occasionally popping up.  Since I hadn't heard this stuff since seeing the band play at Under Acme in 1998, I'm pretty thrilled to be able to share it.  That Under Acme show also included Inside, Miracle of '86 and Rutherford if memory serves me correctly.  I think that they played 2 or 3 songs.  Most of the songs were about 10 minutes long, it wasn't for those with short attention spans.  It was so reminiscent of The Cure that it boggled my mind that this band (as well as Antarctica) were lumped in with the emo-thing.

We've covered the whereabouts of most of the members in previous posts, (EDIT) Ezra Martin played guitar in Sadie and The Alps as well as a Smiths cover band known as The Salford Lads, I'm not sure what else  Ed Schneider was involved in.

For reasons beyond me, Chris did not really want to let this out. I've been asking him about these tracks for six years. He mainly cited the poor sound quality as the majority of it was recorded on a 4-track but I think that most people could look past that since the tunes are so cool.  I've pulled this "demo" together from two tracks that were dug up as well as ripping the song "The Ocean" from the Dawn In Bathos myspace for something of an ad-hoc 3-Song sampler.  Enjoy.

Thanks to Chris and drummer Jerry Carbone for sending over the tracks. 

Dawn in Bathos - 3 Lost Songs

Go to the myspace page here: http://www.myspace.com/dawninbathos

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