Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Farckus Affair

The Farckus Affair were kind of short-lived, existing from 1992-1994.  But when you think about it, 2 years is sort of a long time in band years.  When you're around a bunch of other guys constantly, you pack a good 6 to 8 years of exposure into a much smaller window of time... and that's probably why bands break up.  Back to the point, while Farckus Affair were technically not around for that long they released some really quality music during that time.  They definitely had a Jawbreaker, Garden Variety, Archers of Loaf style.

They released a split 7" with a Denver, PA band called Sinatra '65 on Motherbox as well as a 4 Song 7" on Reservoir Records.

I never saw the guys play as I was in high school in a lame grunge band missing out on the scene while Farckus was together.  I'm not entirely sure who was in the band.  I'm fairly certain that (edit - thanks to Chris and Jerry) Steve and Eric went on to The Last Crime after this and the drummer Vinny went on to play in No Redeeming Social Value, Grey Area, Kill Your Idols and Warzone.

This is the 4 song 7", plus the song "Mazurka" from the Motherbox split:
The Farckus Affair Discography:


  1. not the same kevin as in last crime

  2. Here are a few songs from when we played WFMU

  3. Jerry - are there more tracks than these 4?

  4. If anyone cares:
    Original lineup (Split 7")
    Kevin McManus guitar/vocals(Dahlia Seed)
    Eric Svirida guitar/vocals(Farckus, Science Diet, Bathos, Last Crime)
    Steve O'Brien - bass(Science Diet, Crown of Thornz, Grey Area)
    Vinny Verga - drums (No redeeming, Warzone, Grey Area, KYI)

    2nd Lineup (WFMU tape)
    Dave Marchioli - bass(52X)
    Jerry Carbone - drums (science Diet, Bathos, Half Man)

    Reservoir Records 7"
    Kevin, Eric, Vinny came back on drums, Steve Depalo (Last Crime) on bass.

  5. I played, and currently play, with a few guys who were in Farckus Affair. I was in Humstinger with Kevin McManus which is the band he was in at the time Farckus Affair got together. We never put anything out other than a couple of super hard-to-find demos. I'm currently playing with both Eric & Jerry in Too Many Voices. We have a bunch of songs up on our Bandcamp page and are working on a full-length. Enjoy.