Thursday, September 30, 2010

Each Other's Mothers

This is something a bit more recent.  This band was short-lived as I believe it took place after Rachel Rubino was in Regarding I and Bayonet, but concurrently while she was doing Bridge and Tunnel.  3 great songs which are mostly instrumental.  The playing on it is totally mind-blowing.  It's quirky, jazzy math rock which if you will totally dig if you are nto Q and Not U, Fugazi or Encrypt Manuscript.  There was some talk of a full length which never materialized.  It's too bad since the playing is so deft and the quality of the recording is great I would have loved to hear them do more.  And not that it should change your opinion, but the band was also all girls.  Yes, you just got owned by these girls.

Check it out:
Each Other's Mothers Demo:

They had a few live tracks on this comp of all-girl bands called "Gimme Cooties" which you can nab for $3 here:

If you want to check out the band's myspace, go here:

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