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This is one of my all-time favorite releases.  Back in the late 90's, before the word "emo" was co-opted by MTV2 and PacSun and distorted into... well, whatever the hell it is now, if you asked me to define emocore I would have said to listen to Inside, Silent Majority, Movielife and Clockwise.  I may have said The Cotton Weary at the time as well for obvious reasons.  Perhaps more than that, it had a distinct flavor of Long Island.  It was a marriage of hardcore and emo with melodic vocals.  Hence emocore.  This is probably kind of common place now and you can trip over bands with these kind of traits with ease now.  But in some cases there were clear divisions then between emo, hardcore, indie, whatever and ultimately there was an overall sound that all of these bands shared.

Clockwise was formed by Eddie Reyes (previously from Mind Over Matter) and "General" George Fullan.  The band started with the name No Thought and later changed it to Clockwise.  And then it gets a bit fuzzy from there.  They originally had Josh DeMarco on second guitar who later left to join Mind Over Matter (credit to George Reynolds for refreshing my memory on this).  They then picked up Phil Hanratty on 2nd guitar and vocals.  Gary Bennet from Big Sniff was on Bass at some point.  I couldn't tell you who played drums.  I think John Lafatta from Mind Over Matter may have been in there, and it changed.  Gary left to form Kill Your Idols, and they had a bunch of people including Mike Satzinger later of The Cotton Weary and Phil Navetta who would join Movielife with Eddie once they broke up in 1997.  Phil would join Errortype:11 and George would start 3 Years Older a few years after Clockwise's dissolution.

I only know of one reunion show that they did, I think it was in 1999 at Deja 1.  

This download is for the CD that they put out on Pie Records, so named after the studio where General George worked and recorded them.  I have seen this CD referred to as the "demo" and "She Was", but we used to always call it the Pie CD.  I couldn't tell you what the real designation for it truly is, but I'm going with "She Was" since they also had an earlier 4-Song Demo which I can't locate as well as a 3 song 7" on Motherbox Records called "Dead End".  I have neither of these!  Motherbox still has the 7" in print.  I have no idea how many copies Paul still has, but if you are a vinyl enthusiast and own a record player go here to pick up a copy:

They also filmed a video for the song "She Was" which someone had uploaded to You Tube.  Check it out below.

In the meantime, here's the 6 Song Clockwise CD "She Was":

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