Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sorry to be away for so long.  Unfortunately this post does not have any new music to share.  Thanks to the fine litigious folks at Lionsgate films who apparently thought I was in copyright violation of something with one of the posts, Mediafire yanked ALL OF MY FILES.  Once they reinstated my account after I submitted several counterclaims they simply said "Oh sorry, the files were deleted from our system once the account was suspended, our bad!"  So it will take me a while to get things re-posted.  Sorry if anyone is looking for the downloads immediately.


  1. Fuck mediafire, bro. I for one love your blog. Big support

  2. Looking forward to some new posts

  3. This is great, just found this while looking at news about OTMOP at Irving Plaza. Lot of great bands here, not sure if you were around for these but they were more early to mid 00's and some were more on the eastern end of LI.

    Yes Sensei, Bookstore, Back Up Plan, Space Robot Scientists, My Summer, The Helicopters, Trashed On Fiction, I Regard, Rachel D, Playing Dead, Dude Japan, The Repercussions, Bricks For name a few.