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I'm going to keep this one short and simple.

Advent was the guys from Tripface with a new singer in Tommy Corrigan from Silent Majority.  They only recorded this one demo, which is awesome melodic hardcore.  They weren't together long, I think they only played a handful of shows in 1998.

Listen to it and love it.

Advent Demo:

This Years Model and Bravado

Oh, I am going to take a beating for posting this.
This Years Model formed out of the ashes of the band In Transit in late 1999.  Steve Gache and Karen Ciaffone formed This Years Model while Scott Altmann and Mark Pernice formed Come Down.  Steve brought in singer Neil Rubenstein from Sons of Abraham, both of whom had played together in Irony of Lightfoot.  They added Joe Corbo from Last Days of August on drums and Joe Hess on second guitar.

Joe Hess left after they released "A Very Special Demo" on Fadeaway Records in 1999 and the track "One Million Volumes" on the Fadeaway "Best Comp in the World."  They continued on with a really amazing EP, a 6 Song CD  entitled "Wanted: New Best Friends" as well as a split with Hot Rod Circuit, both of which released on Law of Inertia records the following year.  While I've often heard the band referred to as a hardcore band, their music was really closer to dischord bands like Blue Tip and Nation of Ulysses.  Heavy, scream-y indie rock.

In 2001 they parted ways with Neil and acquired Darrin Tarruli who was previously the drummer in The Paste Junkies.  It was also the quickest turnaround I ever saw from a band losing one singer and playing shows with an entirely new singer and completely new songs.  It may have taken a month and they had shows booked and 5 or 6 new songs.  Darrin brought a completely different type of singing style and stage presence to the band.  His voice was more melodic and recalled Chino from the Deftones.  They released a self-titled 3-Song CD and filmed a music video for  "Burning Sensation."  They eventually changed their name to Bravado to firmly separate the first version of the band from the Darrin-incarnation, released a second 3 song sampler and then called it a day.  Their music had substantially changed at this point as well, as they were far more rock than hardcore with absolutely no apprehension in showing an appreciation for Rye Coalition and AC/DC.

No matter the case, the songs were all great.

So, I may take some heat from the members of the band because I do count them all as friends, even going so far as to say that 2 of them are really good friends (even if I'm a fairly shitty friend in return who doesn't call.)  They probably don't want this kind of praise heaped on them, but they were a great band.  Unfortunately they were criminally ignored.  A perfect example of this was when I saw them play with At the Drive-In at one of Long Island's biggest storied shows at the Garden City Bowling alley.  After they played an amazing set, which blew away the two preceding bands (one of which was Taking Back Sunday, btw) I remember Steve saying to me "Dude, do you know how many kids are here? There are over 700 kids.  Do you know how many CDs we sold?  TWO."  I think that they sold one more CD that night.  I would have bought one but I already had it... and I didn't pay for mine.

They were routinely awesome, I never saw them play a bad show.   There were many shows that had some combination of This Years Model, Come Down, With Every Idle Hour and The Cotton Weary or all 4 bands together and those were definitely some of my favorite memories from that time; being in a band and seeing my friends play really good music.  Whether it was Neil or Darrin singing, the band was always super-tight, and that can definitely be attributed to the rhythm section of Joe Corbo and Karen Ciaffone who were totally solid.  Steve Gache was also a master of getting the most out of his guitar, there were great riffs whether it's in the more complex early stuff or the minimalistic force in the later Bravado recordings.

Steve and Karen formed SpeedSpeedSpeed with Josh Chaplinsky of Irony of Lightfoot, Last Days of August and December Grey on guitar and Dan Komis on drums.  Neil joined These Enzymes.  Joe Corbo joined Krylls and later SpeedSpeedSpeed.  Darrin went on to LushLifeKills.

As for the recordings, the first batch is the Neil era and the second batch is the Darrin era which also includes 4 unreleased songs which are untitled.  Untitled #1 was one of my favorite tunes they had, next to "God's Gift to Old Tricks" from the Hot Rod Circuit split.  I'm pretty sure everything was recorded by Don Fury except the two tracks from the Hot Rod Circuit split that were recorded by Brian Lane from Brand New.

Also, check out the video for Burning Sensation below.  It's got a who's who from the old scene.  You'll pick out Antonio from Scarab and Taking Back Sunday as one of the fighters, as well as Mike from Shallows of the Mundane as one of the others, Rich Jacovina from Silent Majority/Heads Vs. Breakers as "the godfather" and Joe Rubino from Tension/Dearly Departed/Jett Black Heart Attack as his right hand man.  I'm in there briefly during the fight scenes and bouncing around like a fool in my blindingly bright yellow shirt during the concert shots.

A Very Special Demo, One Million Volumes, Wanted: New Best Friends and Hot Rod Circut split:

The two 3 Song CDs and Unreleased songs:

Go the band's myspace page here:

The Farckus Affair

The Farckus Affair were kind of short-lived, existing from 1992-1994.  But when you think about it, 2 years is sort of a long time in band years.  When you're around a bunch of other guys constantly, you pack a good 6 to 8 years of exposure into a much smaller window of time... and that's probably why bands break up.  Back to the point, while Farckus Affair were technically not around for that long they released some really quality music during that time.  They definitely had a Jawbreaker, Garden Variety, Archers of Loaf style.

They released a split 7" with a Denver, PA band called Sinatra '65 on Motherbox as well as a 4 Song 7" on Reservoir Records.

I never saw the guys play as I was in high school in a lame grunge band missing out on the scene while Farckus was together.  I'm not entirely sure who was in the band.  I'm fairly certain that (edit - thanks to Chris and Jerry) Steve and Eric went on to The Last Crime after this and the drummer Vinny went on to play in No Redeeming Social Value, Grey Area, Kill Your Idols and Warzone.

This is the 4 song 7", plus the song "Mazurka" from the Motherbox split:
The Farckus Affair Discography:

Each Other's Mothers

This is something a bit more recent.  This band was short-lived as I believe it took place after Rachel Rubino was in Regarding I and Bayonet, but concurrently while she was doing Bridge and Tunnel.  3 great songs which are mostly instrumental.  The playing on it is totally mind-blowing.  It's quirky, jazzy math rock which if you will totally dig if you are nto Q and Not U, Fugazi or Encrypt Manuscript.  There was some talk of a full length which never materialized.  It's too bad since the playing is so deft and the quality of the recording is great I would have loved to hear them do more.  And not that it should change your opinion, but the band was also all girls.  Yes, you just got owned by these girls.

Check it out:
Each Other's Mothers Demo:

They had a few live tracks on this comp of all-girl bands called "Gimme Cooties" which you can nab for $3 here:

If you want to check out the band's myspace, go here:


This is one of my all-time favorite releases.  Back in the late 90's, before the word "emo" was co-opted by MTV2 and PacSun and distorted into... well, whatever the hell it is now, if you asked me to define emocore I would have said to listen to Inside, Silent Majority, Movielife and Clockwise.  I may have said The Cotton Weary at the time as well for obvious reasons.  Perhaps more than that, it had a distinct flavor of Long Island.  It was a marriage of hardcore and emo with melodic vocals.  Hence emocore.  This is probably kind of common place now and you can trip over bands with these kind of traits with ease now.  But in some cases there were clear divisions then between emo, hardcore, indie, whatever and ultimately there was an overall sound that all of these bands shared.

Clockwise was formed by Eddie Reyes (previously from Mind Over Matter) and "General" George Fullan.  The band started with the name No Thought and later changed it to Clockwise.  And then it gets a bit fuzzy from there.  They originally had Josh DeMarco on second guitar who later left to join Mind Over Matter (credit to George Reynolds for refreshing my memory on this).  They then picked up Phil Hanratty on 2nd guitar and vocals.  Gary Bennet from Big Sniff was on Bass at some point.  I couldn't tell you who played drums.  I think John Lafatta from Mind Over Matter may have been in there, and it changed.  Gary left to form Kill Your Idols, and they had a bunch of people including Mike Satzinger later of The Cotton Weary and Phil Navetta who would join Movielife with Eddie once they broke up in 1997.  Phil would join Errortype:11 and George would start 3 Years Older a few years after Clockwise's dissolution.

I only know of one reunion show that they did, I think it was in 1999 at Deja 1.  

This download is for the CD that they put out on Pie Records, so named after the studio where General George worked and recorded them.  I have seen this CD referred to as the "demo" and "She Was", but we used to always call it the Pie CD.  I couldn't tell you what the real designation for it truly is, but I'm going with "She Was" since they also had an earlier 4-Song Demo which I can't locate as well as a 3 song 7" on Motherbox Records called "Dead End".  I have neither of these!  Motherbox still has the 7" in print.  I have no idea how many copies Paul still has, but if you are a vinyl enthusiast and own a record player go here to pick up a copy:

They also filmed a video for the song "She Was" which someone had uploaded to You Tube.  Check it out below.

In the meantime, here's the 6 Song Clockwise CD "She Was":

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blood Sweat & Tears Compilation

I decided to put this up next as it was one of my favorite compilations.  I freely admit that I was always more into emo and indie bands, so this collection of songs definitely met more with my usual musical diet.  This comp was put together by General George Fullan of Clockwise and later 3 Years Older and released on his own General Records label.  I believe that this was the label's solitary release and I'm not sure if there was more planned after this disc.  In any case, it's a great comp.  It was released in 1998 and has several of the more melodic LI bands from that period, as well as a few others from out of state.  7 of the 16 are LI bands.  I think that this may be Fall with Grace's only release which is a shame since they were doing some really interesting stuff.

I remember a release show for the comp on a Saturday at Deja 1 since it was the day after the cotton weary's first show.  I sort of remember Last Days of August, Yearly, Movielife, Zero in Trust and Saves the Day playing, but I may be wrong on the lineup.  I do remember that there was free vegan pizza from Dominoes though.  Free food at a show always equals great success.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Brody - Triology
2. Cleons Down - Intersection
3. Errortype: 11 - Further
4. Hot Water Music - Position (Demo)
5. The Movielife - Sentimental Comicbook
6. King For A Day - Hit Or Miss You
7. Bridgewater - Lost On Reed Street
8. Saves The Day - 1:19
9. Watership Down - Time Bandit
10. Zero In Trust - Toll Booth Sunrise
11. Last Days Of August - Words I Wish Were Mine
12. Yearly - This One
13. Inside - Landscaping
14. Ignite - Self-Made Man (Live)
15. Fall With Grace - Seeps Between
16. Eleven Eleven - Untitled 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mind Over Matter

"Forever... it's even longer than you think, even longer than you dreamed."

I feel that it is only appropriate that this is where we begin.  Mind Over Matter did not receive the notoriety of some of their contemporaries, the interest level of the bands that some of the members of this group went on to, or the longevity of bands that formed during the same period such as Silent Majority.  What Mind Over Matter did accomplish is creating, in my opinion, the greatest recorded masterpiece from any Long Island Band.

Mind Over Matter was a hardcore band formed around 1992.  They started as a 5 piece with George Reynolds on vocals, Artie Sheppard on Guitar, the prolific Eddie Reyes (whose name will pop up on this blog assuredly several more times),  Scott Martin on Bass and John LaFatta on Drums.  Even at the outset being a slightly metal tinged hardcore band, Reynold's vocal style and intense lyrics gave the music a different feel.  It wasn't the standard hardcore growl of the time and the music hinted at the experimentation that was to come later on.  Reyes left after their first 7" was released, and they continued on as a 4-Piece for the "Hectic Thinking" 7" as well as the full length "Security".  Security gathered the "Hectic Thinking" 7" as well as a few new songs as well like "Parts" and "Correct Me if I'm Wrong" which provided Fugazi-like basslines and intricate guitar parts.

Their final release was the sprawling "Automanipulation", which as I mentioned above is simply untouchable.  I can't really describe it, it truly needs to be heard to be appreciated.  If you listen to Security and then Automanipulation it almost doesn't sound like the same band.  This was a band that was not content with the status quo and needed to keep evolving.  They had added Josh DeMarco from Clockwise (edit - credit to George Reynolds for pointing this out) which added a whole new sonic layer to the music, but that wasn't all.  They really changed the sound, shifting away from hardcore to a post-hardcore sound closer to Quicksand and Orange 9MM, but with far greater experimentation which incorporated elements from bands like Drive Like Jehu and Slint .  Beyond that George Reynolds seem to completely change his vocal delivery.  It's completely unique and I don't feel that anyone has replicated it.

They are a band that has been praised as influences, but few if any bands have been able to replicate their sound.

They broke up after Automanipulation and played a reunion show a few years later at Coney Island High, one at Deja 1 in 1999 which I went to, one in 2006 at a tribute show for James McCauliffe, and again in 2008 for a VOD reunion show.

George Reynolds went on to form Dayinthelife with Josh DeMarco, and later Eathling.Massive, Revenge of the Dragon and he is currently a member of Wiretap Crash.  Artie had been a member of Bad Trip, then joined Walter Schriefel's post-Quicksand project World's Fastest Car.  He then formed Error Type:11 with Scott Martin, and later Instruction, Gay for Johnny Depp and God Fires Man.  DeMarco started the aforementioned Dayinthelife and later Sound of Speed.  John Lafatta joined Madball and later Deathcycle.

In addition to the albums below, I've also included a live set (which I'm not sure where I nabbed it from) from an WNYU radio station broadcast that has a batch of unreleased songs as well as their cover of "New York, New York" from the Wreck-Age "Mindset Overhaul" compilation. 

Enough talk, here's the music:



First 7", Hectic Thinking, Live Set and New York, New York:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About this blog

Let's begin, shall we?

Hi.  I'm Jason.  I'm an old fart and I guess I've been around the Long Island Music Scene for quite some time.  Now, I'm not sure that the current scene resembles the LIHC scene from days gone by, but there are a good deal of people who still remember shows at PWAC, Dr. Shay's, Right Track Inn, Deja 1, random American Legion and VFW halls; pretty much anywhere that would allow a show to be booked.  What got us there was music, community and the bands, many of which have long since winked out of existence.  I felt that there needed to be some kind of website where one could find this music.  There have been a few attempts to do this by other bloggers, but it's never been kept up.  I'm sure that if you have enough time to spare and want to make an extreme effort, you could scour the net and find some of the bands that you'd be looking for.  Ultimately, I felt that with the ease of downloading music in today's day and age that there should be a single point where you can find the music from Long Island's storied scene.

I will be the first to admit that I don't know if I'm the right man for the job.  Like I said, I'm old.  I've given away and lent many CDs and tapes out and never gotten them back.  Between moving, purging or being tempermental, I have also tossed things out with no prescience that I would consider setting up a blog dedicated to bands from our scene.  But I feel that someone has to do this.  I welcome any suggestions for posts, and I hope that many people who read this can also send me MP3s to add to the site.

I'll also try to feature some more recent and active bands as well.  This should be a 'common ground' for the LI scene.

With that being said, I want to this blog to focus mainly on bands that you can't readily download.  I won't be posting up links to the next Taking Back Sunday album if it leaks, I'm sure that can be found elsewhere with ease.  I'm not looking to take a buck away from anyone.  If the music is up on Itunes and you can buy it, then I probably will not post it.  If a band wants their music taken down, I'll do so.  But more often than not, I'm hoping that this site provides you with an opportunity to find a band you remember seeing once, or discovering something new.