Friday, May 27, 2011

3 Ton Bridge

I know virtually nothing about 3 Ton Bridge, other than John Stendrini later of Charles Demar, Federale and Rope was in the band.  They did a Jawbreaker type of punk that according to John "went over like a lead balloon during the height of the LIHC days." 

This is for the only release of the band that I was able to dig up.  It's a split 7" from 1994 with a band called Birthrite, who I don't think were from LI.

3 Ton Bridge/Birthrite 7" Split -


  1. John is now in Great War ( with Aaron Pagdon (ex-Judas Iscariot; current-Two Man Advantage).

  2. 3 Ton Bridge was John Stendrini (guitar/vocals), Dan Spagna (drums) and Marlon, whose last name I forgot, on bass. They actually had a 7" of their own and some demo tapes, but of course, I lost them because it was 20 freaking years ago. Is there any way you could upload that 7" again, though? That would make someone who remembers very happy. I also have some photos of them in a box, that much I know.

  3. An update to my post from 2/5/13....John has since moved to Texas and is apparently jamming with some people, but I don't know the name. Marlon (bass) & Dan (drums) were last playing together in Money Machine, based out of Brooklyn.

  4. I just found this blog when I as searching for this split 7". Birthrite was a staple hear in Ithaca NY, and 3 Ton Bridge rocked a show here and I loved them. The link to the album is dead but I would love to get ahold of it if anyone is around that has access.